Desktop Linux: Hardware that aims to break the final frontier

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I happened to chance upon a post which spoke about Desktop Linux being the final frontier for Linux as it has already conquered the server market. To break the barrier vendors need to bundle Linux or its derivatives with their hardware. It seems Ubuntu has now made them think along those lines and Ubuntu preloaded PC's have started to trickle in. Lets have a look at some of them.

Lubuntu set to go mainstream.

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It’s been a while since the buzz of the Open Source community has been wandering around Ubuntu and its various distro variants. Lubuntu, claimed to be a lighter version of Ubuntu, has now been officially recognised as a derivative of Ubuntu and will be released as Lubuntu 11.10 in October 2011. This is expected to be a milestone in the evolution of Light weight desktop environments and hopes to make its presence among smaller devices like net books and smart phones. Lubuntu is finally going mainstream and let us see what it brings to the table.


Geniatech launches a TV with Android on board!

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A few years ago , your smart phone was running a proprietary OS, your TV was nothing more than a crap box to recieve local channels and only your computer came with your choice of software. There was no common thread connecting these three worlds. But the situation has altogether changed with the arrival of Android.

Ubuntu 11.10 roadmap | Are we moving in right direction?

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What is going to be in Ubuntu 11.10? Conclusions were drawn after much heated discussions and debates at the Ubuntu Developer’s Summit at Budapest. The centre of attraction of these discussions was the status of default applications that should be included and possibly excluded in the new version. Those that were shown the pink slip include Evolution, GMD and PiTiVi. Those which got included are Thunderbird, Chrome and LMD. Certain old warhorses will continue to stand strong in the new version such as LibreOffice. Now the developer community is expected to debate on these in the coming months. Here is our take on the whole thing.

Lazarus - A nifty little FireFox addon to restore your webforms.

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Lazarus is a Firefox add-on that comes as a blessing to users who work on web forms frequently. Most often, the browser crashes or the internet connection gets disconnected after you enter data in the web form leaving you totally frustrated. The whole web form is lost and there is no way to recover it. In these frantic situations Lazarus comes to your rescue, helping you to recover the lost web form data.


Ubuntu Studio bids bye to Unity

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Ubuntu Studio with its strong focus on multimedia applications has decided to go for the open source Xfce desktop for its next release instead of Unity. Currently, Ubuntu Studio does not use Unity as it will default to Gnome2 when the user logs in.

Ubuntu Desktop 8.04 LT Support finally comes to an end | Time to upgrade guys!!!

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Finally, the support for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS has come to an end. Beginning from 12 May 2011, the desktop edition of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS will not offer new updates, security updates and critical fixes. However, the Ubuntu 8.04 LTS’s server version will continue to be supported till May 2013.

Slackware-based Linux distribution - Salix OS released

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Salix OS13.37 "Xfce" edition has been released. Soon after the launch of Slackware 13.37 the fresh release of Salix 13.37 was made. George Vlahavas announced the release of the first of the Salix OS series that operates on various desktop environments and window managers. Salix 13.37 is based on the new Slackware Linux 13.3. With several changes and improvements, Salix Xfce 13.37 has brought a smile on the faces of all Linux enthusiasts.

Enhanced apps from Chrome webstore | 95% revenue for Chrome-app developers

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Sundar Pichai, head of Google’s Chrome browser, said that the browser has 160 million users presently when compared to the 70 million last year. Constant speed boosts and enhanced features have made Chrome popular. With enhanced features like Canvas 2D, and WebGL, Google Chrome delivered 100x improvements in rendering and this had enabled them to compete against Internet Explorer 9 in Microsoft’s Fishy test.

Mozilla intends to reclaim the web by offering automatic upgrades to Firefox 4

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Mozilla’s automatic upgrades to Firefox 4 have excited the Firefox users. In the very first month of its availability, there have been over 100 million downloads of the browser. Uptake for Mozilla’s Firefox 4 is very high.