6 Firefox plugins you must have!

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Did you know that almost 85% of Firefox users install at least one addon? Today I have created a short list of which in my opinon are 5 of the most useful addons for Mozilla Firefox 5. That was not an easy task and I know that you would certainly like to see some other plugins but this is my choice.


How to secure your data with Truecrypt in 11 easy steps!

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Truecrypt, is a free and open-source disk encryption software. In this post we will show you how to encrypt all your data using Truecrypt in 11 easy steps.



Battery Drain Problem? : Bumblebee to the rescue

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Any laptop would definitely lose its charm if it requires frequent visits to the charging points and this is a fact that most Laptop owners hate in their laptops. Today this scenario is getting more complicated. As laptops are getting faster and as their graphics support increases the charge consumption also increases.

Best of the lot: My top 5 media players for Ubuntu

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Ubuntu is now one of the most popular Operating Systems used in the world. The main reason behind is the open source nature of Ubuntu and the backing provided by the vast online user community. Today Ubuntu ranks in 3rd in the list of top OS’s. The Open Source wizard supports a wide variety of software including media players. Today we review some of the best media software available for Ubuntu’s latest versions.

Ubuntu One: A long way to go!

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Cloud computing is just getting bigger and bigger. Is it too hyped or is it just going to be a reality and bring in all those wonderful benefits which are being promised, only time will tell. But players like Apple have seen success with their icloud platform. Data synchronization and application sharing have become so easy. Ubuntu One is also joining the cloud platform evolution, but it is still a long way to go as far as its feature richness goes as compared to platforms like icloud.



LibreOffice 3.4 released: Is it a worthy replacement for premium Office Suites?

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Microsoft seems to have a tough ride ahead, they had lost the patent case for its Office suite. Now open source tools from Open Office.Org and LibreOffice Suites are competing aggressively with MS Office for market share. The main reason is the Open Source tag associated with the first two choices. It is inexpensive and enjoys backing from a large community of developers. Today let us take a look at the latest release from the LibreOffice Suite- the LibreOffice 3.4.

Tomahawk releases its sleek new avatar

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Hope this name is not too unfamiliar! Just for those hearing this for the first time, Tomahawk is a cross platform open source media player and it can play music regardless of where the music content is stored. It is gaining popularity as a media player among the Ubuntu community too. Tomahawk recently announced the release of a new version –the Tomahawk Media Player 0.1.

Mozilla acts fast with beta version release of Thunderbird 5

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One decision, which was taken at the recently concluded Ubuntu developer meet, was appreciated by one and all. It was the acceptance of Thunderbird as the default email application. This is a major success for Mozilla, who is facing a steep battle on browser side, with competitors from the likes of Google. Mozilla, may be inspired by this decision of Ubuntu community, was quick to act on it and announced beta version of their Thunderbird 5 application few days ago.

Ubuntu Light | Access the web within 7 seconds after booting.

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Yep it is not a dream, now you can boot your computer in one-third the time it normally takes and connect to web in less than 7 seconds. We are talking about Ubuntu Light here, the so called alternative OS that sits on an Active Windows Partition and functions just as an OS even though with limited functionalities. At present it is available only in selected Dell models but I expect this to get the nod of other PC makers too shortly. So what exactly does Ubuntu Light offer?

Eucalyptus gives way to OpenStack.

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Canonical joins the list of companies, who are switching to OpenStack cloud computing platform from the Eucalyptus framework. Other companies who have already opted for OpenStack include Citrix Systems, Dell, Intel and Cisco. The decision to adopt OpenStack as the default cloud platform was taken at the recently concluded Ubuntu developers Summit in Budapest. Though there are very few who have a different opinion to this move from Canonical, still it is only fair to see the reasons behind this switch over.