Banshee 2.4 out, now with DVD playback and UPnP support!!!

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Banshee 2.4 is a stable release, the successor to Banshee 2.2. It has some cool new features including DVD playback and UPnP support, and lots of refinements. Learn more about the latest release..

Banshee 2.3.3 is out!!!

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Banshee 2.3.3 is now available for download. It has some notable upgrades and fixes. Read on for more info. 

Try out Banshee 2.3.2 on Ubuntu 11.10

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The latest version of Banshee has been released yesterday withoout a lof of fanfare as usual. Banshee 2.3.2 now has support for Configurable browser filters and support for external ASX playlist

Best of the lot: My top 5 media players for Ubuntu

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Ubuntu is now one of the most popular Operating Systems used in the world. The main reason behind is the open source nature of Ubuntu and the backing provided by the vast online user community. Today Ubuntu ranks in 3rd in the list of top OS’s. The Open Source wizard supports a wide variety of software including media players. Today we review some of the best media software available for Ubuntu’s latest versions.

Chrome 11| Kdenlive 0.8 released| Banshee to be updated.

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The buzz is down after a month of the release of the much awaited so-called “reborn” Firefox 4! Well, we have already done its review here. This is usually the case with most of the FOSS releases. A lot of buzz pre release, happy/mixed/thrash-it like responses on the release day, and perhaps after a week people will settle down to their normal lives!