0 A.D. is now the Sourceforge project of the month.

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Wildfire games, creators of the FOSS epic war game 0 A.D. recently announced that their awesome work had just been selected as the top project on Sourceforge beating formidable competitors like Newscoop, a FOSS based CMS. This victory nearly coincided with the 10th alpha release of the game on May 16 2012.

0 AD | The most spectacular RTS game on Linux reaches Alpha 8.

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Wildfire Games brings out the eighth alpha edition of 0 A.D.,the ancient warfare game with state of the art 3D graphics,awesome artwork,incredible sound system and more. We were one of the first to review this ground breaking game. So if you fancy a trip to the ancient civilization coupled with a lot of battles and skilled martial arts,read on to find out more...

Sneak preview of 0AD Alpha 8

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Here is a sneak preview of the Alpha 8 version of 0AD by Wildfire Games codenamed Haxamanis