Natty Narhwal

0 A.D. Alpha 4 | Ubuntu Tweak Natty | FVWM 2.6 | Minitube updated

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A couple of days before we had published a detailed review about the 'Red Eclipse' FPS. Hope you folks liked it! Now on to the news piece of yet another game, 0 A.D and updates about Ubuntu tweak, FVWM and Minitube.

UbuntuForums Archive will stay | Cairo Dock 2.3 | Firefox 4.0.1 Beta updated

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Ubuntu Forums Archive

Which is the last resort for a new Ubuntu user to find a solution to a nagging issue - The Ubuntu Forums, where else? The community driven Ubuntu forum has become a haven for newcomers and veterans to discuss about the numerous issues faced by Ubuntu users. However the maintainers feel that the Ubuntu forum has become a victim of its own success and are gearing up for taking a drastic action.

A tour of Banshee | Natty's Music Player | New user Series #1

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As the first installment of the new user series, we are publishing the tour to Banshee, so you will not be in a new world even after the upgrade to Natty!

New Series | 'Getting to know Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narhwal'

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Hi Folks, Natty Narwhal is a radical new step in the evolution of Ubuntu due to the new Unity interface. So we are starting a series of articles on default applications(would be) on Natty. End users might be slightly concerned about the difficulties they have to face after upgrading to Ubuntu 11.04 due to the break through features introduced into the new release. Although users always have the freedom to replace the default packages with what they wish, new users may find it hard to keep the pace. To avoid that, new users can follow the full fledged user friendly guides we publish here on a weekely basis until Natty Narhwal is released.

Unity: Visually appealing and usable | Steep learning curve | User Survey

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Canonical's Design Team employee and community member Charline Poirier has conducted an user test to analyze the normal user's approach towards the Unity interface sporting Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narhwal.

Ubuntu 11.04 Natty beta 2 released | Unity Finalized | RC dropped

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The Ubuntu community has released the Beta 2 release of Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narhwal. They Ubuntu team is working round the clock to present it to thousands of users world wide on April the 28 th. There is a lot of bug fixing and reporting going on.

Shotwell, Audacity updated, KDE Plasma Active announced, Flock stopped

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Folks, this is not the proprietary world to wait for the developers to release their code for using in our machines! The brave enough can grab the latest code from the official source code repositories to get a taste of it, even before the stable version is out. Even if this is the situation, there a lot of people waiting for an official word from the developers that, 'the latest stable version is out'!. It would certainly give the users a piece of mind that the application should not crash during normal conditions!

Ubuntu 11.04 - Natty Narwhal | Countdown banners selected.

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The much buzzed Natty Narwhal will be released on April 28th of this month. But you might think what's new in that as it has already been scheduled. As Ubuntu maniacs, we can scrabble it in our head but ordinary mortals needs to be reminded of the D-Day! An overwhelming number of web users do not pay attention to all the happenings! If you have not guessed it already, I'm talking about those small dyanmic banners that you can place on your nifty website, so your visitors can get the feeling that it would happen(the release) and we need to wait for it!

To be Unity or not to be Unity. That is the question.

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In 18 days from today, Canonical and the Ubuntu community will ship Ubuntu 11.04 Natty with their new baby - Unity! Developers are very confident about how people will perceive it. Still some are apprehensive about the usability of the new Desktop Environment. Even at this later stage there are discussions going on in Ubuntu Desktop mailing lists. Check out some of the arguments by a few users: