How to change grub boot order in Ubuntu 10.04

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It is official that Grub2 is the official default boot loader for Ubuntu 10.04. The new version of grub comes with increased flexibility as well as improved performance too. The software is available for free downloading. The advantages of the current version of grub include new themes as well as the implementation of the menu customizations. The file structures have also been renewed.

How to install Grub in Ubuntu 10.04

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Grub2 has been the official manager for the Ubuntu 10.04 and also it has been undertaking the role of a default boot loader. The control of the operating system kernel is automatically transferred with the help of Grub2. It enables the menu presentation and unconditionally stays for a response from the user’s input. The Grub2 software is provided for free keeping in mind that the demand for the Ubuntu operating system is steadily increasing. Grub2 to start with is itself a completely updated version of the earlier Grub. Grub2 comes with a lot more features that include increased flexibility and performance.

Vinux | Ubuntu Linux for the visually impaired

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Have you heard about Vinux? Vinux is a GNU/Linux distribution specially targetted for Visually impaired computer users. It has a host of tools for making the tech lifes of people with vision disorders a lot better. Vinux is based on Ubuntu Linux. Read on to find out more.  


Enhanced apps from Chrome webstore | 95% revenue for Chrome-app developers

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Sundar Pichai, head of Google’s Chrome browser, said that the browser has 160 million users presently when compared to the 70 million last year. Constant speed boosts and enhanced features have made Chrome popular. With enhanced features like Canvas 2D, and WebGL, Google Chrome delivered 100x improvements in rendering and this had enabled them to compete against Internet Explorer 9 in Microsoft’s Fishy test.

A new target - 200 million Ubuntu users by 2015

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The man behind Ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth, has challenged the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Budapest, Hungary to bring 200 million Ubuntu users by 2015. According to Canonical, Ubuntu has 12 million users currently and wants the figure to increase to 200 million in the next four years.

Top Windows games that run flawlessly in Ubuntu

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Even though most games wont run natively on Ubuntu there is still a sizeable number that runs flawlessly on it thanks to the almighty Wine. The Wine app database lists a few games that run flawlessly on Ubuntu or any other Linux distribution for that matter and assigns a rating for them based on precious metals. Here we have listed a few games that have received a platinum rating which means that these games work flawlessly.

Peppermint OS |Another Ubuntu based Distro | Cloud centric |

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Peppermint OS is yet another Ubuntu based distro. Based on Ubuntu 10.04 it is build to be web centic and focused on working in the cloud. This makes it extemely fast and responsive, giving it extremely fast boot times. With a less than 512MB HDD footprint, it can be easily run on a live CD or a USB.

Five useful plugins for gedit.

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Text editors are very important both for developers as well as for the average user. In Ubuntu there are many text editors for text editing such as Emacs,Vim,Nano etc but the simplest one of all is “Gedit”. Gedit is the default text editor for the gnome environment and comes pre-intsalled in Ubuntu. You can open it from Applications → Accessories → gedit text editor. Besides Linux this editor is also available for the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X platforms and is released under the GNU GPL license. Language behind this text editor is C,Python. When you first open this editor, you will compare it with the windows “Notepad” because of its similar GUI but believe me guys it much more than notepad. -

LibreOffice 3.2 beta | Blender 2.57| Gimp 2.7.2 with cage transform tools | Released

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Before Oracle's acquisition of Sun, Open Office was the messiah of office suites especially to open source lovers. The alliance brought about a change in their attitude resulting its fork - Libre Office. From then on all major Linux distros including Ubuntu announced that they were switching to Libre Office. Now on to Blender and Gimp. These two don't need any introduction. If you are into the free media culture, you might have sen Big Buck Bunny, Elephants Dream and Sintel. These film projects had used Gimp and Blender for their production extensively.

Red Eclipse | New FPS based on Cube

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If you are a recent convert to Ubuntu and an avid gamer then there is a good chance that you have heard rumors that there are only a few noteworthy games supported by Ubuntu. There is truth in this rumor but all that is set to change. Riding on the popularity of Ubuntu new games have started to emerge and the situation is set to change.