AriOS 4.0 Beta makes its debut...

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AriOS 4.0 Beta is  based on the upcoming long-term support (LTS) version of Ubuntu. This release a very stable and robust system, as it ships with the latest updates from the Precise development branch up to March 26, 2012. Lets see what this release entails...

This release offer a great range of updates.They include

  • The latest and greatest free desktop environments
  • Its own proven desktop layout, based on GNOME 3 and the awesome Avant Window Navigator.
  • Compiz as window manager and falls back to Metacity on systems without accelerated graphics drivers
  • Latest versions of Unity, Gnome-Shell, Unity 2D and Gnome classic (fallback).
  • Several updated packages and so on...

Learn more about AriOS 4.0 Beta

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