FreeNAS 8.2.0-BETA2 released

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Freenas has released FreeNAS 8.2.0-BETA2 version. This 8.2 FreeNAS branch includes several functional changes compared to the 8.0.x releases. Learn more...


The changes in the new release include

  • ZFS can be manipulated from the CLI
  • zvols, datasets, and entire volumes can be created, destroyed, or manipulated on the CLI and will be propagated to the GUI.
  • Now supports active-passive multipath capable hardware targeting mainly SAS drives on dual expander backplanes.
  • Third party modules can be added and can be manipulated and configured from the GUI.
  • Now includes a webshell that lets you access a root shell from within a web browser.
  • The "Create Volume" modal was renamed to "Volume Manager".
  • ZFS volumes can now have periodic scrub tasks configured for them
  • An autotuning script is now available which is disabled by default.
  • A newer web toolkit is used, which behaves better with modal dialogs and more intuitively in general when compared with older versions
  • A more responsive service state detection mechanism was added to improve FreeNAS interoperability in VM software

Learn more about FreeNAS 8.2.0-BETA2

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