SliTaz 4.0 -RC1 now available for download!!!

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SliTaz GNU/Linux, the mini distro and live CD that is designed to run fast on hardware with 256 MB RAM has released its latest version yet. It makes use of BusyBox, the latest Linux kernel and GNU software. Find out what the latest release has in store for you.


The SliTaz contributor has brought out the first release candidate for SliTaz 4.0. It is able to boot in 10-12 seconds even on new hardware. With the new 4in1 ISO,a full SliTaz desktop can be installed with only 48MB of RAM.Its 4in1 ISO can auto detect the memory and boot SliTaz in text mode, in a minimal X environment or a full desktop.

SliTaz 4.0 has over 3000 well tested packages in its repositories and the RC series let us track last bugs. From their last Cooking release, all the packages have been rebuilt twice to make sure that build quality is maintained. The other new features include

  • a new graphical menu
  • a graphical language and keyboard set up
  • a new desktop layout and artwork
  • a new command line installer and a CGI/web interface, accessible via TazPanel

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