PCLinuxOS Phoenix Edition 2012-02 out,now with enhanced features!!!

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PCLinuxOS, the easy to use Linux distro, provides support for several devices. It has many system configuration tools like Synaptic, Addlocale, Getopenoffice, and Mylivecd. The latest version, PCLinuxOS Phoenix Edition 2012-02 is out, now with a host of updates. Learn more..

Distro Release

PCLinuxOS Phoenix Edition 2012-02 has the following updates

  • XFCE 4.8.3 Desktop Environment – fast, low on system resources,visually appealing and user friendly.
  • Kernel – kernel updated to version kernel and standard kernel with group scheduling enabled.
  • Xorg – Xorg server updated to version 1.10.4, Mesa updated to 7.11.2 and libdrm to version 2.4.26. This update brings several enhancements like speed, 3D desktop support, better font rendering, black screen fixes for most Nvidia cards, better Flash playback and so on.
  • Toolchain – Gcc software compiler updated to version 4.5.2 and glibc updated to 2.13.4. Locales updated to version 2.13.1.
  • Package Manager – RPM updated to version 4.8.1. apt-get and the Synaptic Package Manager were also updated to work with the updated rpm packages. yum and yumex will be available in the coming weeks as an alternative package manager.
  • Theme Update – The 2012-02 theme features a new brush metal theme.

Learn more about PCLinuxOS Phoenix Edition 2012-02

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