GTG 0.2.9, the preview release of GTG 0.3, is out!!!

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Getting Things Gnome!(GTG) is an organizer for the GNOME desktop environment which focuses on the usability and ease of use. It aims to provide a simple, powerful and flexible organization tool to the GNOME desktop environment. The new release has many bugfixes and several new features in store for you.

The new features include

  • A true asynchronous experience where we don't need to wait anymore for tasks to load.They get loaded asynchronously while  already loaded tasks acn be edited.
  • Backends that allow you to store your tasks on online services.The stable backends currently enabled are:
  1. Tomboy, Gnote  which consider your notes tasks
  2. Launchpad, Mantis BugTracker which imports your assigned bugs
  3. Twitter, Identica that  import your tasks from your Twitter/Identica feeds
  4. Google Tasks will be stabilized and shipped with GTG 0.3.
  • Search through the quickadd bar.Also get the Searches automatically bookmarked thereby organizing your work
  • GTCli and improved DBus interface

Also, GTG is hiring. They are on the lookout for a Django/CSS/JS developer to continue the work on the GTG web interface started by Karlo Jež as part of GSoC 2010 and a communication manager.

Find out more from GTG 0.2.9.

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