FreeNAS updated to 8.0.4-BETA1

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FreeNAS, the free and open source Network-Attached Storage operating system based on FreeBSD brings out its latest update since #8.0.3-p1. As always, it features an impressive list of enhancements and fixes. FreeNAS functionality ranges from software-based storage to backup solutions for apps. So whats in store for you this time with #8.0.4-BETA1.


Changes since 8.0.3-RELEASE-p1 include

  • Added .img suffix to simplify mounting full disk image for Windows and OSX users (FN # 1236).
  • Updated firefly to 1696_6 to for iTunes 10.5.2+ compatibility.
  • Added in sane caps for minimum ZFS requirements for lower spec'ed home user machines.
  • Now automatically creates AD/LDAP user home directories

Read the 8.0.4-BETA1 Changelog for the complete list of changes

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