Salix OS Live Xfce 13.37, Linux Mint 12 KDE and PCLinuxOS KDE 2012.02 make their debut...

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Salix OS is a Slackware-based Linux distro which is  fast, easy to use and compatible with Slackware Linux. Linux Mint is an Ubuntu-based distro that offers a complete experience including browser plugins, media codecs, support for DVD playback and so on. And PCLinuxOS is a simple Linux distro that supports a lot of graphics and sound cards, and other peripheral devices. Lets see what their recent updates have in store for us.

The final release of Salix OS Live Xfce 13.37. It is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit variants, acting as a base for the other editions of Salix Live : KDE, LXDE and Fluxbox. This version is built using SaLT (Salix Live Technology) which is  a new system of live tools for Slackware-based distributions. It is developed in-house to build live CDs in a dynamic fashion with few modifications from the host system.It includes the same applications and packages as the regular Salix OS Xfce 13.37.


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Linux Mint 12 KDE ropes in updated software with improvements and new features that will make your desktop more comfortable to use.It uses KDE 4.7.4 and is the first release of Linux Mint that uses Hybrid ISO images. Before tools such as 'Startup Disk Creator'/'UNetbootin' were needed to install Linux Mint via USB. Now with hybrid images,simply use the 'dd' command or a graphical front-end to make a bootable USB stick with absolutely no efforts which works very much like a live DVD.


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PCLinuxOS KDE and KDE-MiniME 2012.02 are released. These are 32-bit quarterly update ISO images that can also be installed on 64-bit computers.It includes a Linux kernel kernel for maximum desktop performance,a  full KDE 4.6.5 desktop, NVIDIA and ATI fglrx drivers support, multimedia playback support for many popular formats and much more.


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