KahelOS 020212 Desktop Edition out now!!!

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KahelOS, the Linux distro based on Arch Linux, brings out its desktop edition. It comes with GNOME configured as the default desktop environment beforehand, a GNOME Office productivity suite,the Epiphany web browser and so many similar GNOME apps. KahelOS also maintains a rolling-release model of updating software packages using its parent's repositories like ArchLinux. This distro is in the form of a live DVD including a graphical installation program. So, what does KahelOS 020212 entail???

Linux Distro

KahelOS 020212 adds new features to the earlier installer version, specially catering to advanced Linux users with a wish to have the freedom of manual partitioning the system with an added capability to resize to NTFS and Linux partitions.
It is GUI Friendly and an automatic dual-boot-with-windows option is also added for ease.

  • The other new features include
  • Updated to bluefish-2.2.1-1
  • Updated to dia-0.97.2-1
  • Updated to evolution-3.2.3-2
  • Fixed “Full Name” Issue on the User Information
  • Fixed Localization
  • Added a community-driven digital distribution service for gamers
  • Added broadcom-wl driver

For the full list of changes,see KahelOS 020212 Changelog.

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