BeatBox 0.3" Acolyte", WICD 1.7.1, PhotoFiltre available for download!!!

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BeatBox 0.3" Acolyte"brings out the release before Luna.Changes from now till Luna is meant for stability/improving existing features. BeatBox 1.0 is set to coincide with the Luna release.


The changes in this release include

  • Better album view. 
  • iPod sync.
  • Speed improvements to list and album view and many others

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WICD 1.7.1 is out.WICD is a network connection manager which is meant to simplify wired and wireless networking in Linux.The new release features the following updates

Network Connection

  • Implemented support for wired connections needing authentication with wpa_supplicant 
  • Supports 'Never show networks' 
  • Masked out sensitive information in the logfile and so on

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The development release for the Alpha seriesof PhotoFiltre is out.It is a clone of the popular image editor that is presently only available on Windows. The changes in this release include

  • Gave toolpalette proper tooltips instead of icon filenames
  • Set size of toolpalette to hold two icon columns 
  • Added second toolbar and toolbar items and much more

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