Frugalware Linux 1.6rc2 released, now with numerous updates

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Frugalware Linux, the all purpose GNU/Linux distro for desktops has brought out version 1.6rc2, the second technical preview of the stable 1.6 version. It is specially designed for intermediate users of Linux with design concepts that are similar to that of Slackware. Know more about the latest release candidate of Frugalware.


This release candidate promises a host of enhancements,bugfixes and updates since 1.6rc1. Chief among which are:

  • Package updated to Linux kernel 3.1.10 and LibreOffice 3.4.5
  • Around 100 packages have been updated
  • 27 brand new packages introduced
  • Cpupower (LWN article) and perf packages introduced
  • Module-init-tools replaced by kmod
  • The installer now fixed to handle network timeout problems
  • Numerous Documentation updates

Read the Frugalware Linux 1.6rc2 release notes

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