Meld 1.5.3 makes its debut...

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Meld is a visual diff and merge tool that allows you to make comparisons and changes. You can also work in a lot of version control systems including Bazaar, Git, Subversion among others. The latest release promises a host of notable updates and fixes. Find out what all Meld 1.5.3 entails...


Meld is a tool that lets you compare two or three files. You can update the comparisons while editing them. Also compare folders, individual files and work with your current changes in a number of version control systems,including Bazaar, Git, Subversion among others.

The latest release features the following improvements over the previous version

  • Added simple animations for bulk actions to make it easier to follow the result of insertion and deletion actions
  • Shows the currently displayed page area in the side bars now
  • Reduced visual clutter by not showing links between chunks where one of the chunks is completely off-screen
  • Syntax highlighting will now assume that all files in a comparison are of the same type if not determined otherwise 
  • Colour usage and legibility for dark themes fixed 
  • Active filters across sessions in directory and VC comparions remembered 
  • Predict which version control system a user is most likely wants to see
  • Numerous sundry bug fixes 

Find out more about Meld 1.5.3 

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