Linaro 12.01 out!!!

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Linaro is a non profit software engineering company that invests in Linux software and tools for ARM SoCs. It aimsto bring hardware accelerated video decoding, fully supported on the TI PandaBoard to users. It also features a set top box based image with the XBMC media center and enhancement for Ubuntu TV. Find out more about the latest release.


The new update comprise a plethora of new and exciting updates & features that are integrated on top of Ubuntu and Android. Chief among them are

  • Completion of benchmarking work for Speex codec on Linaro Automated Validation Architecture (LAVA) 
  • Updated version of libjpeg-turbo for Linaro Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) 
  • Improved Android skia-bench numbers through further optimization of commonly used libjpeg-turbo code 
  • Now provides pre-built binary versions of Linaro GDB, Linaro GCC and binutils.
  • New graphics acceleration with the Mali 400 GPU on Linaro Ubuntu, supports in Linaro U-Boot, and runs test suite on Linaro Android with LAVA.

Learn more about Linaro 12.01

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