Get ready to battle with the new Hexwars 0.3.

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Hexwars is a hexagonal turn based strategy game. The latest release #0.3 features ppa and has a couple of new improvements. This is an awesome game where you always have to be on your toes as you never know how the others are going to combat. So get to know more about the latest release

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You can give orders simultaneously, all orders can be executed simultaneously and you never know what you have in store for you. This is an easy to play game, but a little bit of strategic thinking and psychological talent will not hurt you.

The new release includes the following enhancements:

  • Now features ppa.

  • Has ranged combat 

  • A new editor available

  • Available for all Ubuntu users as a Debian package without any need for compiling

  • Uses fallback to Allegro 4.

Find out more about Hexwars 0.3.

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