Mozilla, Peppermint OS and Blender join hands with Wikipedia in the anti-SOPA campaign

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Wikipedia is observing Internet Blackout today in protest to the highly controversial SOPA and PIPA legislations considered by the US Congress presently. Mozilla,Peppermint OS and Blender have extended their support to the cause. As a part of the protests,Mozilla and Peppermint OS will also be observing Internet Blackout. Read more about the anti -SOPA strike.


The US Congress is considering Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act. The bills are primarily intended to strengthen protections against copyright infringement and intellectual property theft.But according to the Internet advocates that means no freedom of expression in the World Wide Web. While there are already laws against copyright infringement like DMCA, they only focus on removing specific, unauthorized content from the Internet. SOPA and PIPA would instead target the platform ,the site hosting the unauthorized content.

Today's 24-hour Internet blackout was initiated by Soon others like Wikipedia,BoingBoing, Mozilla, WordPress, TwitPic followed suit. Whereas popular sites like Google, Facebook and Twitter , though they oppose the legislation are only participating in spirit. PeppermintOS and Blender join the bandwagon.

According to Blender

" Blender Foundation is for an open and free internet, and is worried about how copyright protection is endangering digital rights in EU and USA."

The Peppermint OS site  reads "Down against SOPA" and "This Website is down today"

How do you think this BIll will affect the Ubuntu community ?? Let us know of your opinions...

Read what Mozilla has to say

Learn Peppermint OS and Blender's reaction.

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