Alien Arena 7.53 released, Comes with improved AI and maps

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Are you a fan of the old school deathmatches?? Alien Arena brings out the old deathmatch with a new twist, rich colorful arcade like atmosphere giving a retro Sci fi feel. Combining the best features of Quake III and Unreal Tournament, giving an alien theme and stunning new visuals, Alien Arena 7.53 is sure to be a visual treat. Voted by as the #1 free online game,lets see what the new version has in store for us.


Alien Arena 2011 version 7.53 has been released for windows and linux users. The latest version of the free and open source, furious frag fest adds a host of updates, bugfixes, and features that improve performance and add a couple of new and updated content. It uses a CRX engine to include real time per pixel lighting, soft shadows, lightblooms and much more. As with all releases,the engine has been optimized and runs perfectly on even older hardware.



The major upgrades in this release are

  • Big performance gets an advantage over high settings.
  • Two new levels(ctf/tca) have been introduced.
  • Entity definition files.
  • DM lights server option. Various improved effects. CTF scoring changes.

Download Alien Arena for Linux.

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