Educational Distros : Zorin OS 5.2 and AbulEdu 11.08 are released...

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Its a good time to be a student. Zorin OS 5.2 and AbulEdu 11.08 promises high quality learning tools for young students providing more interactive learning experiences. Read on to find out more.


The Educational version of Zorin OS 5.2 has been released. It contains dozens of learning tools for primary, secondary and tertiary students providing an ideal learning environment. This version uses the GNOME 2.X Classic environment in place of Ubuntu’s Unity shell. This release adds a huge bundle of updates to Zorin OS 5 Educational.It includes security updates, upgraded programs, an all-new window border theme, an updated icon theme, and a whole new sound theme .Educational includes dozens of educational programs.

Know more on Zorin OS 5.2.


AbulEdu version 11.08, a new live DVD has been released. AbulÉdu is an Ubuntu-based French Linux distro specially designed for young children, that has a collection of educational software running on top of a highly customised GNOME desktop.Version 11.08 is based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with lots of new applications and enhanced tools. It also includes all of AbulÉdu's LeTerrier pedagogics tools. The live DVD offers a possibility to test the distribution, to surf safely on the Internet, to connect to a school server in order to get one's home work done or to read private emails, and to connect the AbulÉdu client to an LTSP server. By default AbulEdu Live is available for 4 different user profiles: under 6 years, 6 to 8 years, more than 8 years and  adult.

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