GIMP 2.7.4, GEGl and babl has been released

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GIMP 2.7.4  and new versions of GEGL and babl have been released. GIMP 2.7.4  is expected to be the last GIMP version before version 2.8 release candidate and the original 2.8. There are some minor upgrades and bugfixes. The upgrades concentrate on user interface and usability.


Some of the improvements are

  • Enhanced GTK+ for MAC
  • A new close button to image tabs in single-window mode
  • A new proper stacking for canvas items to avoid hiding each other
  • Makes sure that single-window and multi-window modes are always saved
  • Discarded the usage of motion hints

The complete list of changes can be found at GIMP official site.

GEGL and babl upgrades

In babl

  • Existing feature set has been improved


  • Operations have been ported from GIMP filters 
  • Improved resampling with a lohalo resampler
  • API and infrastructure for doing non-affine resampling 
  • GeglView GTK widget separated from GEGL into the new GEGL-GTK to make the usage of GEGL from GTK+ applications simpler.

Read more on GEGL-Qt from Jon Nordby's blog.

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