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The latest buzzword from the open source community is that Ubuntu is all set to introduce a software package for television sets and it is christened the Ubuntu TV. It seems that the applications of Ubuntu is never going to stop any time soon and very soon we might have Ubuntu on our television sets as well. So let us take a closer look at the developments made by Ubuntu for the Ubuntu TV software.


With open source software finding its application in almost every field, it is high time that premium software makers started fearing about them. The latest news is that Canonical is working on a software package based on Ubuntu Linux for use in television sets. Christened Ubuntu TV, the Linux based Television package is regarded by Canonical as the perfect reply to Microsoft’s XBOX and Goggle TV.  According to Mark Shuttleworth, the Big Man behind Canonical and Ubuntu, the response received for the Ubuntu TV has been immense and the Open Source community is all for the package. If developed and implemented efficiently it could well become the most preferred television control software to date.

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The high usability of Linux based operating platforms on television is evident from the success of Sony’s Bravia television series which makes use of Linux. Linux has also found its way into a wide variety of household consumer goods and appliances. The hardware manufacturers include Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and many more just to name a few.

Though in the concept stage Ubuntu TV has a lot of promises. The Package allows multiplayer gaming features and offers even better Web-TV integration. However on the downside, the interface planned to be implemented is the Unity which has been given a universal thumbs down ever since it was shipped with the latest Ubuntu OS.

Ubuntu TV might include those features such as cloud computing wherein a mix up of functionalities can be offered via the Web directly through your TV. It may also adapt Microsoft’s strategy of Kinect wherein users will have the ability content displayed on the screen via your voice. Sounds interesting right?

As said earlier the cloud computing functionality, if offered will allow users to access Ubuntu’s own cloud computing platform called Ubuntu One. Users can synchronise their data with their cloud account and manage them as well without even having to use a computer or Smartphone. You can do all of it right in front of your television.

Online video content streaming on both free and premium basis can be integrated into the interface and will be a very useful addition. For example the likes of Netflix, YouTube and so on can be streamed via your TV.


The main ideology behind the Ubuntu TV concept according to Canonical is to allow users to control their television content via their smartphone as they are the smallest variant available in its cloud and software architecture and can be substituted for a remote.

SO with all these numerous possibilities Ubuntu TV will become a hot and trending open source software when it becomes a reality.

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