Is the popularity of GNU/Linux actually decreasing??

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Ubuntu 11.10 has been released and with the way things seem to be going we can start expecting 200 million Ubuntu users in 4 years. Still, Is all this just an illusion? Like they say. "Its way too  good to be true", Is the popularity of Linux in reality actually decreasing?

The statistics seem to show that the popularity of GNU/Linux is actually coming down over the years. By statistics we mean the data provided by Google Trends. Have a look at the graph below.


It clear shows that the popularity of GNU/Linux has been decreasing over a span of 7 years


Ubuntu has been steadily climbing the ranks and and is now at par with Linux and seems to have plateaued a bit. Can Ubuntu slowly start overtaking Linux?


On closer insepction Ubuntu's popularity also sems to take a slight dip. (By the way, the spikes are obviously the new releases)


On the other hand,  Android seems to have taken of like the Apollo space programme and is set to reach the next planet obiously being from the Google stables. In a short span of time it is bound to beat Windows too!!. We can say that GNU/Linux might have finally had its first victory over Windows in a way we never expecfed.

Okay. Back to the subject. So whats with the statistics? It seems pretty obvious to us that Ubuntu/Linux is gathering momentum everyday and getting popular by the minute. Boy it sure seems to us that it is popular and good enough to brag about. We even made a guide on How to install Ubuntu 11.10  and now this?

This scenario makes us ask some questions.

  • Is all the obvious increase in popularity, all just an illusion?, the calm before the storm? the high before the inevitable?
  • Is it that users have started replacing Linux with Ubuntu as the search term that is causing this fall?
  • Are we missing something?
  • Is this statistics itself a good indicator of popularity of these platforms?
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