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If you have been using computers for a while now say around 40 years or more then you must have probably started you first lessons in computing on the Commodore 64 computer. Many modern day children and engineers won’t probably know what the Commodore 64 is. It is nothing but the old Keyboard computer which you might have now seen in old movies or preferably in museums or old government offices.

The Commodore 64 was the Undisputed King of computers in the 1980’s and it virtually swept competition apart. But when IBM entered the scene with the IBM PC, sales of the King naturally got disrupted. It was soon loosing foothold in the market. Then gradually the company stopped production and withdrew the Commodore 64 from the market. Very soon the Commodore disappeared.



There were many fans for the device. Many people fell in love with its rather funky look and all in one dimensioned keyboard. The Commodore was far superior to any other device in its time until the arrival of IBM.

For those of whom who still love the Commodore, there is good news. It is coming back. Yes you heard it right folks, the device will be brought back from the dead nearly 20 years after which it ceased to exist. The re-launched company of Commodore will launch the Commodore 64 along with the PET and an even more stunning re-launch of the Amiga computer.

The company is working hard to ensure that the relaunched model does not lose the charm and subtleness of the old device. It is doing all it can to retain the look and feel of the device as in the 80’s. But only the looks will be the same. Inside the machine will be powered by Intel chips and will be equipped with PCI express slots and larger hard drives.

The best part of the revamped Commodore is that it will run on Ubuntu OS. The company has also announced that it will ship the computer with Commodore OS soon but nobody knows what it is. The company hinted that the Commodore OS will enable the computer to run old Commodore games and software. The computer can be run with in fact any operating system including Windows.

The device will be equipped with a 1.8 GHz D525 CPU that will offer it performance levels at par with modern day computers. Another interesting feature is that the Commodore will be shipping with a 512 MB NVIDIA Ion 2 Graphics RAM. So it can run virtually almost every high end game available in the market besides offering playback support for high definition video content. The Commodore will offer 2 RAM options of 2 and 4GB memory and will have options for Wi-Fi, Blu-ray disk compatibility and will contain either a 160 GB or 250 GB or a large 500 GB hardisk.  

In fact the Commodore 64 will remain the same old model, everything inside the keyboard device would remain as it was years ago, but it is now shipped with a Blu-Ray player and all other modern day computer peripherals and associated benefits. 

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