6 Firefox plugins you must have!

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Did you know that almost 85% of Firefox users install at least one addon? Today I have created a short list of which in my opinon are 5 of the most useful addons for Mozilla Firefox 5. That was not an easy task and I know that you would certainly like to see some other plugins but this is my choice.



List could be potentially endless since there are a few thousand plugins for Mozilla Firefox but I have to admit that a lot of them are basically the same thing in a different package.

1. Download status bar

Well I believe that many of you are irritated with the separate download window every time you need to download something. One of the first addons I usually install is the Download status bar which integrates your download into Firefox status bar on the bottom which appears every time you start with downloading. This addon shows you current download speed, estimated time and your download percentage. Very cool and nicely integrated addon.

2. Tab Mix Plus

This is a very powerful firefox addon and a very useful plugin which gives you full control over the Firefox 5 windows and tabs. You can modify many different things like what opens in new tab, where a new tab opens, whether or not you want to see your tabs or to hide them. You can highlight unread tabs and many many more features. If you want to tweak your Firefox and dive into the finer details, this is the addon for you.

3. FlashGot

Great addon with which you can download many things simultaneously. It supports a wide range of downloading programs but it can work as stand-alone program as well. By default this will use Wget but you can easily change it. I often use jDownloader which has support for Flashgot.

4. F1

Social networking is an inseparable part of today's life and as such we need a cool but functional plugin for that purpose. Recently I have discovered the F1 plugin which allows you to easily share interesting links on several most popular social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo and LinkedIn. You simply need to add your account for some or all of them and you are ready. Simple, fast and elegant.

5. SpeedDial

I know that SpeedDial is a must but I need to explicitly mention this plugin because it is really helpful. It appears in a new tab and it shows thumbnails of the websites you have added. The good thing is that you can make groups of thumbnails. For example I have  five groups – General, News, Business, Linux and Blender. In these groups I am collecting the most interesting websites for me. You might have guessed by now that ubuntumanual.org is in the Linux group. :) :-).

6. Oxygene KDE options 3.2

This plugin is particularly interesting for KDE users. It helps you to set up and tweak Firefox in the KDE environment. I will not say more because I think its best to let you play and explore this one. :).

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