Best of the lot: My top 5 media players for Ubuntu

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Ubuntu is now one of the most popular Operating Systems used in the world. The main reason behind is the open source nature of Ubuntu and the backing provided by the vast online user community. Today Ubuntu ranks in 3rd in the list of top OS’s. The Open Source wizard supports a wide variety of software including media players. Today we review some of the best media software available for Ubuntu’s latest versions.


VLC Player

VLC player has been around for years now and it is well suited for all Operating Systems. It is platform independent and can be used as a media converter. It supports a wide variety of audio and video formats like Wave, DivX, MPEG, MP3, OGG, AAC and many more. The player is highly stable. It is very easy to install and works brilliantly with Ubuntu. You can get the latest version of VLC Player for Ubuntu here.


M Player

M Player is without a doubt one of the most preferred media software in all operating systems whether it is Linux based or Windows based. M Player offers a user friendly interface that is very lively and easy to use. Organising media files in the player is as easy as stealing a candy from a baby. It has support for a variety of media formats like AVI, MP3, MP4, WMV and many more. The player is also easy to install. You can get the latest version of M Player for Ubuntu here.


Amarok Player

Amarok Player is a media player that has Cross Platform support. It has a rich set of features and provides support for a number of well known media formats. Amarok has features such as music tagging, intelligent playlist creation and organising. It makes use of the KDE components, if it is used in the Gnome Desktop Environment. You can get the latest version of Amarok Player for Ubuntu here



Songbird is one of the most renowned media players in the open source world. The media player is completely free and open source and it is well known for its ability to interact with online contents using its plug-ins. It supports a wide variety of media formats. You can get the latest version of Songbird Player for Ubuntu here



Okay we have to admit it, we have made a small blunder in this post:-). Possibly due to Carpel Tunnel syndrome or RSI :-). It seems that Songbird does not support Linux anymore.:-). Well thats not a big problem as it has been replaced by a fork called Nightingale Thanks to dyn and Robert Rodirguez for pointing it out


Banshee is a well known media player for its ability to organize, play and share music. It has a stunning user interface and also encodes/decodes several media formats using the GStreamer implemented in its backend. You can get the latest version of Banshee Player for Ubuntu here.


These are my choice for best 5 best media player softwares available for Ubuntu. Share your top preferences too.

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