Mozilla delivers Firefox 5 | Moves to more frequent release cycles

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Three months ago, when we saw the Firefox 4 release, there was a hell lot of buzz surrounding it, and the news trended in Twitter for hours as people felt that, it had been quite a while since they got a new Firefox, unlike the case with Chrome(the direct competitor). Some may admit that, a huge release with a lot of new features is better than frequent releases with not so important features!


Speculations aside, Mozilla has already shifted to a more aggressive(really?) release cycle and delivered their first version as promised! On the other side it might be the result of a push from Chrome with it's incredible growth rate.

As you may all know, Mozilla has released Firefox 5 yesterday with some new features and additions in the store.

Among the updates, the one that stands out is the 'Do Not Track' feature. Mozilla themselves have said in their announcement that, Firefox is the first browser to support this feature in multiple platforms. Do Not Track will also be supported in the Firefox Android version(unfortunately it will only work in a high end phone with ARM7 and above processors).

Other improvements include minor changes like support for CSS animations, much better support for HTML5, XHR, MathML, SMIL and canvas

Check out the Release announcement at the Mozilla Blog

Release Notes:

Trivia 1: Firefox was born in 2004 and Chrome in 2008. Clearly the elder one is Firefox, which has only reached version 5 until now, but Chrome has reached version 11 despite it's age! We hope Firefox will over-ride Chrome soon, with it's new 6 month release cycle!

Trivia 2:The reason by a fellow twitter user for Mozilla's change to rapid release cycle!

“Actually, the main reason Mozilla switched to the 6-week release cycle was because we want more cakes from Microsoft.”

(For those who don't know: Microsoft regulary delivers a cake to Mozilla's office on each release day!)

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