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The power of collaborative development is doing wonders in the world of computing. Open source software is no longer just a cheaper alternative to those premium software tools, but now they are technically superior and user centric too. There are open source alternatives now for all types of software’s in cloud computing, OS, editing tools, office suites and the list just goes on. Today we take a closer look into UM Player (Universal Media player), an Open Source media player which is in fact gaining huge user base in Ubuntu community too.


UM player is a complete package when you look from the angle of a media user. You could play different types of media files in any format. It has a long array of features and has codec’s that will give you playback options of almost any media format. UM player can play tracks from any Audio CD’s or DVD’s even though people now rarely use them.


The media player has provisions for providing playback of video content from VCD’s. So you can now watch your local movie CD’s in your computer. It also provides support for Radio Cards, YouTube and Shout Cast streams. So in a nutshell, you can have just one player for enjoying all your music and video files. Universal in its nature, isn’t it?


UM player has a unique capability of playing even damaged media files or physical objects like scratched CD’s and DVD’s. This is what I call technology at its best.


UM player spots an easy and exciting interface that is very simple and has all the necessary options and tools aligned in a neat and tidy manner. You don’t have to spend hours searching for the equaliser and audio options because of this. More over UM player has a built in Sub Title search function and Audio/ Subtitle sync.


New version of UM player also comes with a skinnable interface which means that you can change the skin of the player to suit your mood. The player is an example of Cross Platform media software and it can run on any Windows or Apple or Linux based OS.

UM player is a universal choice as far as media playing options are considered. Guess what it costs!! Absolutely nothing.

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