Ubuntu Light | Access the web within 7 seconds after booting.

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Yep it is not a dream, now you can boot your computer in one-third the time it normally takes and connect to web in less than 7 seconds. We are talking about Ubuntu Light here, the so called alternative OS that sits on an Active Windows Partition and functions just as an OS even though with limited functionalities. At present it is available only in selected Dell models but I expect this to get the nod of other PC makers too shortly. So what exactly does Ubuntu Light offer?


When you have a first look at it, you are sure to mistake it for the Ubuntu Netbook Remix because the two share almost identical interfaces courtesy Ubuntu’s widely criticised Unity interface. As the name suggests, you are not going to get the full specs but it can be faster than you can imagine when it comes to booting up. If you go by the figures then studies show that it took almost 3 minutes for a Windows 7 Home Premium based Laptop to boot up while it took just around 10 seconds with Light Ubuntu. The facts were provided by Canonical so try it yourself before making a final verdict. And also the Ubuntu Light just around consumes 1GB of your Hardisk space.

However as I pointed out earlier The Ubuntu Light is just an alternative or to be more precise a Quick Launch alternative to Windows. It will help you perform almost all your non functional tasks including instant messaging, internet browsing, checking you emails and so on. It is also possible to retrieve media files on the Windows partition in Ubuntu Light; hence accessing your files and stuff on Ubuntu Light is quite easy.

The Unity interface of Ubuntu has received more criticism than praise for being too simple but in the case of Ubuntu Light it is the other way around.

Other notable features are the availability of Chrome Browser of Google instead of Firefox and an Application that allows you to chat on various messengers including the likes of Yahoo, Google, and Facebook. It also packs in a Media player and even though there is no provision for any social apps it does come with links to Facebook and Yahoo Answers.

A Windows button on the screen helps you to switch over to Windows but there is no reverse option yet on the Windows side. You have to restart if you want to use Light Ubuntu again. That is quite pain staking.

If listening to music and surfing the net are the basic things you do on your laptop then this is the best OS for you. However if you expect a full blown performance, you will be disappointed.

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