Linux Mint 11, Katya released

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Linux Mint 11(Katya) has been released. But this time, it has come with a lot of notable changes, rather than just a green themed Ubuntu derivative. It clearly follows the same Ubuntu 11.04 base, but intentionally ditched the controversial Unity interface instead sticking to the traditional Gnome(2.x series, no shell!).


Clem, Mint's lead developer announced the release of Linux Mint 10 code named Katya on Thursday. This is going to divide the user base of Ubuntu, for sure. Ever since I heard about Linux Mint going the Gnome 2.x way and ditching Unity, I expected them to develop their own interface like Unity! But that didn't happen at least for now. But the question still remains, why haven't they chosen Gnome 2.x series since they didn't have any clear advantages over the new shiny Gnome 3. Is it a ploy? To keep the things same as Ubuntu Natty, but without the Unity annoyance?

We had already discussed about the possible Mint v/s Ubuntu competition. And many of the readers told that, Mint is going to make a blow for Ubuntu. But, we are not completely for it. IMO if Ubuntu is destined get a blow, it would only be from Fedora, since they host the new baby - Gnome 3. Linux Mint currently haven't any cutting edges againt Ubuntu.(Of course, they can't really be against each other but for the spirit of healthy competition!!)

Changes landed in Mint 11

Coming to this, we got the feeling that, Mint is no more a mere greenish Ubuntu. Well, the Mint team had done some fine and noteworthy improvements to the already snappy utilities in Ubuntu.

The primary change had been on the Ubuntu Software Manager. It is being renamed to 'Software Manager', added new splash screen and redesigned the overall layout.

We did not notice any other considerable changes, except for a few improvements to the Update Manager and some new artwork.

Read the full changelist here in Linux Mint site.

So,Do you favour Linux Mint? Or good old Ubuntu, or the new shiny Fedora? If you are a KDE fan then have a look at our KDE widgets.

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