Enhanced apps from Chrome webstore | 95% revenue for Chrome-app developers

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Sundar Pichai, head of Google’s Chrome browser, said that the browser has 160 million users presently when compared to the 70 million last year. Constant speed boosts and enhanced features have made Chrome popular. With enhanced features like Canvas 2D, and WebGL, Google Chrome delivered 100x improvements in rendering and this had enabled them to compete against Internet Explorer 9 in Microsoft’s Fishy test.

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The Chrome webstore that released three months back received 17 million application installations. What’s even exciting is that Google is available in 41 Languages from now. Based on the in-app payments system which developers can execute with a single line of code, Google will offer 95 percent of revenue made from the apps to its developers and keep 5 percent to themselves. On the other hand providers in the mobile apps market like Android and Apple take a 30 percent share. Speed and enhanced features of Google Chrome has enabled them to achieve this success.

Improved speed is offered by Chrome with features like Canvas 2D, and WebGL. Along with that, 3D effects were shown in a new interactive music video. Those with creativity and technical skills can actually insert contents into the videos. Speech recognition is also supported by Web Apps on Chrome.

Improvements made in graphics functionality in the browser and implementation of HTML5 Canvas technology makes the browser a successful one. The one drawback is that "Optimized for Google Chrome" badges on the web have started to appear as most of the features are unable to operate on all browsers.

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