A new target - 200 million Ubuntu users by 2015

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The man behind Ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth, has challenged the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Budapest, Hungary to bring 200 million Ubuntu users by 2015. According to Canonical, Ubuntu has 12 million users currently and wants the figure to increase to 200 million in the next four years.


Shuttleworth said that they are not playing a game for developers' hearts and minds but they are playing a game for the world’s hearts and minds. He believes that to achieve this, a new set of rules are to be made.

During the development time of Ubuntu 11.04, conscious efforts have been made in its design and user interface testing. According to Shuttleworth, Ubuntu has been able to set a new bar in free software with its disciplined design.

Users of 11.04 had problems with the Unity interface. Considering this, all the future interfaces will be based on Wayland. He also pointed out that 200 million Ubuntu users is an achievable target.

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