Firefox 4 crosses 100 million downloads.

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Firefox 4, the latest and much-admired web browser of Mozilla reached 100 million downloads during the Easter weekend. This news does not come as a surprise to Firefox lovers as they have expected such an achievement to happen very soon.

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According to Mozilla, the figure shot up to an impressive 105 million downloads by users worldwide. Europe gave forty million downloads, while 30 million downloads came from America. Twenty million downloads came from Asia.

The achievement made by the Firefox 4, launched a month back is implausible. The popularity of Firefox 4 began during the first couple of weeks after its release. With 100 million downloads, Firefox receives eight percent market share. Besides, Firefox gains dominance over Internet Explorer 9, which has been trying to retrieve the top position.

According to the Asa Dotzler, director of community development at Mozilla, older users will be encouraged to update to the latest versions. Users of Firefox 3.5 and 3.6 versions will be prompted to upgrade to Firefox 4 version. If things go as intended, then Firefox 4 will reach 200 million downloads very soon, he added.

The original Firefox, launched in 2004 took almost a year to achieve the 100 million downloads. When compared to this figure, the accomplishment of Firefox 4 is tremendous.

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