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Ubuntu Forums Archive

Which is the last resort for a new Ubuntu user to find a solution to a nagging issue - The Ubuntu Forums, where else? The community driven Ubuntu forum has become a haven for newcomers and veterans to discuss about the numerous issues faced by Ubuntu users. However the maintainers feel that the Ubuntu forum has become a victim of its own success and are gearing up for taking a drastic action.


As time progressed, the Ubuntu Forums got filled with a lot of posts, most of them were issues faced by newbies while struggling with Ubuntu! Finally it became a necessity to clean the forums to make page loading faster and because of the server space issues. You can read the full discussions on the topic in this thread. So now the news is around that after a week long discussion, the community has finally decided not to remove the archive, in other words, all the past archives will be search-able for at-least some time more. They are planning to reduce the size of the database in future.

Cairo Dock 2.3 Released


Cairo Dock a.k.a GLX Dock has released their new updated version numbered 2.3.0. It was my all-time favorite before Docky came into the scene. It helped Windows users get attracted to the Ubuntu bandwagon simply because of the Mac OSX like interface we got after installing the dock.

As from the official announcement, the major changes in the new version are:

GLX-Dock 2.3.0


  • A lot of new applets are available in our new repository! (Transmission, Deluge, MintMenu, Translator, Quote of the day, etc). You can install them for free in a single click!
  • The new "Recent-Events" applet lets you browse your last activities (music, videos, documents, web pages, etc).
  • The System-Monitor applet can now monitor CPU temperature and fan speed.
  • The menus have a better layout.
  • The Stack applet now displays the web page's favicon.
  • The Drop and Share applet now handles UbuntuOne.
  • Better integration with Compiz and Kwin.
  • Several bug-fixes and improvements.”

Here goes the official announcement in their forum:Release Announcement To place it permanently in your Ubuntu box, produce the below commands to Terminal:

  1. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cairo-dock-team/ppa
  2. sudo apt-get update && apt-get install cairo-dock

Firefox 4.0.1 Beta


The team has announced their minor update to the 4.x series 4.0.1. Minor means this doesn't feature any new functionalities to the browser. Instead this is intended to fix some security issues, mostly bugs. The official announcement can be read here

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