How to simulate WinSCP in Ubuntu.

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WinSCP is one of the most popular applications in Windows to copy files from a remote system to the local system. Using Nautilus we can simulate WinSCP in Ubuntu too.

Nautilus Elementary

Nautilus elementary is a nice addition to Nautilus which enables the split view in the file browser. The file browser will look as shown below when you use Nautilus Elementary.

Simulate WinSCP Ubuntu1.png

Follow the following steps to install Nautilus elementary in your Ubuntu system

Type the following in the console

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:am-monkeyd/nautilus-elementary-ppa

The above line will add the repository from where you can download the Nautilus elementary

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

will update the local repositories and update all the software.

nautilus -q   

Now open Nautilus and press F3. You should able to see the split windows.

Connecting to the server(remote system)

Now let’s connect to the server or the remote system in one pane. Select the right side pane and go to File->Connect to Server

Simulate WinSCP Ubuntu2.png

Fill up the details of the remote system and then press connect. Now the right hand panel will have the files of remote system.

The left hand panel will have the files of the local system. Just drag and drop the files from the right panel to left panel in order to copy files from the remote system to your local systems.

You can use different types of protocols like ftp,ssh,sftp etc to connect to the remote system. Just choose them from the Service Type as shown on the above menu.

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