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Network Security Toolkit (NST) v2.16.0 out for grabs!!!

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Network Security Toolkit (NST) is a live CD based on Fedora Core designed to provide easy access to best-of-breed open source network security applications.It runs on most x86 platforms.  It was primarily targeted at providing the network security administrator with a comprehensive set of open source network security tools. Learn more about NST v2.16.0.

Linux Mint 12 out, now features LXDE desktop !!!

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The Linux Mint team has announced the release of Linux Mint 12 LXDE RC. This much awaited release has a couple of notable features and updates including the fast LXDE desktop. So find out what your favourite distro has in store for you this time...

wattOS-R5 released

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wattOS, the desktop Linux distro based on Ubuntu, has released its latest version. It uses Openbox window manager as its default user interface striving to be energy-efficient so it can be used on low-specification and recycled computers. The latest version has host of new changes.

GNOME 3.3.90 now available for download!!!

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This release marks The Freeze.GNOME 3.3.x is an unstable development series aimed at testing and hacking purposes. It uses odd minor version numbers to indicate development status.Thus this unstable 3.3.x series will become the official 3.4 stable release.Know more on #3.3.90

Dream Studio 11.10 released

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Dream Studio , the Ubuntu-based distro with tools to create stunning graphics has released its latest version. It promises of all the awesome features in past releases with software packages like Cinelerra video editor,photography tools and so on. Lets find out what all features the new release has in store for you..

Stargus 2.2.6 released

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Stargus is a Starcraft Mod that lets you play Starcraft with the Stratagus engine rather than the original one. That means you can play Starcraft under Linux and other operating systems which are not supported by the original Starcraft engine. Learn more about the new release.

SliTaz 4.0 -RC1 now available for download!!!

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SliTaz GNU/Linux, the mini distro and live CD that is designed to run fast on hardware with 256 MB RAM has released its latest version yet. It makes use of BusyBox, the latest Linux kernel and GNU software. Find out what the latest release has in store for you.

ConnochaetOS 0.9.1 out!!!

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ConnochaetOS is an Arch-based Linux distro for old computers which focusses on desktop usage. It comprises spreadsheet, email clients and graphical web browser office package with word processor. Lets see what the latest, version 0.9.1 has in store for you..

DragonFly 3.0.1, now with superior multiprocessor support!!!

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DragonFly, the OS designed to be the logical continuation of the FreeBSD-4.x OS series has released its latest update. DragonFly is a fork in the path that provides the BSD base an opportunity to grow in a direction entirely different from that taken in the FreeBSD-5 series.

Mageia 2 released

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Mageia is a fork of Mandriva Linux. It is a community project which aims to develop a free Linux-based OS. It is a non profit organization that does not have any commercial interests. The latest one is a beta release. Learn more about Mageia 2 release