The best way to install, or setup a new PC with Ubuntu-18.04 is using a clean installation, and in this guide, we’ll help to accomplish this task every step of the way

On Ubuntu-18.04, a New installation is the best option to erase the hard drive and start from scratch. Even it will help for improving battery life, you will get machine like new without any viruses

Doing this tutorial using Oracle VM VirtualBox, ubuntu-18.04.3-desktop-amd64.ios as software

Installation done on Specification of Virtual Machine as below

Processor: 1 CPU

RAM: 2048 MB

Storage: 10 GB

Actual Size: 5.23 GB (after installation)

Step 1:

Once you start installation Ubuntu will go throw many pages as image below:


Step 2

At end Ubuntu will give 2 option and you can select Language you prefer

  1. Try Ubuntu – on this option you can running Ubuntu looks like demo
  2. Install Ubuntu – We are going for this option to install Ubuntu

Step 3: Keyboard Layout

Here Ubuntu give you chance to select Keyboard language – even can detect your keyboard

Step 4: update and other software

Ubuntu Desktop give us options how we need to install

  1. Normal Installation (many software and application will be automatically installed like, Web browser, Utilities, Office Software, games, and media player.
  2. Minimal Installation (only web browser and basic utilities will be installed
  3. Other option which you can download ubuntu update during installation – you should be connect to internet

Step 5: Installation Type

  1. Erase Disk and install Ubuntu (Selected)

Ubuntu give us why to erase old data and get clean Hard Disk we have two option

  1. Encrypt the new ubuntu for security LVM for new installation
  2. Some things else

Which we can create or resize partition

Step 6: Confirm for installation type

Step 7: Time Zone

Ubuntu ask you to select your time zone for Graph or enter your city

Step 8: User Details

Enter your Name, Computer name, User Name, and password.


also, we can select by automatically login or ask for your name and password

Step 9: Installation

Ubuntu will start to copy file and go throw installation and during this installation you will go throw benefits which you are going to get when you install ubuntu 

Step 10: Restart

Ubuntu installation complete and will ask for restart

Step 11: First Login

Ubuntu as we select before will ask for Username and Password

Step 12: First Page

Once do first login Ubuntu will tell what the new for this version