Majed Veysel is a well-known architect, but, for his followers on Instagram and Facebook, he is so much more than that – he never stops mesmerizing them with breathtaking black and white pictures of different architecture. And, because his pictures are amazing, he has gained thousands of followers across different social media platforms.

If you take a look at some of his photographs, you may wonder – how does he manage to take such amazing photos, how does he do it? Well, luckily for you, this article might help you. Let’s take a closer look at 10 traveling photography tips and tricks from Majed Veysel:

1. First Things First – Learn Everything There is About The Camera You Are Using


The very first tip from Majed is that you do not actually need an expensive, high-quality, professional camera in order to take some amazing photographs. Additionally, he mentions that it is quite important for you to learn everything there is about the device you are using. Why? Well, it will allow you to understand how you should use it, and in return, you’ll be able to take high-quality pictures.

Hence, when you decide what device you’ll be using during your travel, you’ll want to do some digging online and learn more about how you should set up the device, the accessories you might want to purchase, and you might also want to watch some tutorials to learn about the color settings.

2. Research The Locations And Sites You Wish to See


Next, Veysel suggests researching every location, place, and attraction that you wish to observe, visit, and photograph. Why should you do this? Well, besides ensuring that you have what to take snaps of, you’ll further ensure that you don’t miss out on seeing some incredible things while exploring.

There are various platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Google that you can utilize. Just type in the name of the destination you’ll visit + most popular tourist location and you’ll probably end up scrolling through hundreds of amazing places, buildings, monuments, and so on.

3. You Might Want to Wake Up Earlier Than Other Tourist


In a recent interview, Majed stated that it might be wise for individuals to wake up a bit earlier than other tourists. The reason? Well, it is quite simple, you’ll be able to snap structures, statues, attractions, and sites without hundreds of people getting in the way of you taking that perfect shot. Additionally, Veysel added that you’ll avoid spending too much time in the sun.

Naturally, if you aren’t an early bird and if you really need to rest while you are on vacation, you could also opt for staying up late in order to take some mesmerizing snaps. If you’re interested in seeing some amazing evening and black and white shots by Majed, click here.

4. Patience is The Key


According to Veysel, there is nothing more significant than having patience when photographing different things such as sites, landmarks, statues, and structures. Hence, when you’re looking at something that you wish to shoot, take a bit of time and look at it from different angles, take a few shots in order to see where he light is best, and so on.

Doing all of these things will ensure that you take the best possible picture. Also, if there are a lot of tourists in front of the area or thing you’re trying to photograph, wait a few minutes until they clear up – which will allow you to take a clear picture that does not have any people in it.

5. Perspectives, Angles, And Different Points


You should not be scared to experiment and get creating with the angles, focus, and light of your snaps. After all, Majed suggests that some unexpected perspectives can do wonders for your shot, hence he says that you might want to try taking a few steps back, going to the far left corner, as well as coming all to the front of to the subject of your snap.

6. Exploring Can Do Wonders


Of course, you’ll want to create an itinerary of things that you’ll want to visit, however, getting off the beaten track might lead to some amazing discoveries of places that you did not even know existed, which in return will allow you to create some mesmerizing and breathtaking snaps.

If you take a look at Majed’s Instagram or Facebook profiles, you’ll notice a wide range of buildings, and most of them were randomly discovered by him. Hence, when you are in a foreign country, ensure that you explore as much as you can, especially since it might prove to be amazing.

7. You Should Experiment With The Composition


Majed suggests that you might not want to follow the basic rules of photography every time. What does this mean for you? Well, this means that you should experiment with the composition. For instance, you can choose to place the subject of the snap on the left side instead of the center, you could try putting it on top or on the sides… Basically, whatever you think of when snapping, you should try it.

8. Practicing Makes Perfect


Just like any other hobby and skill, Majed suggests that you should practice often since it will allow you to improve faster. Additionally, you should not be discouraged if a photograph turns out differently than you imagined. Instead, go back and try different things to get that perfect snap that you wanted.


As you were able to see and learn, there is a wide range of tips that Majed advises you to remember. And by doing so, you’ll definitely be able to take some of the best and most captivating photographs during your traveling adventures, and since they’ll be in high-quality, you’ll even be able to frame them.

So, now that you’re aware of what tips Majed has for you, you should not lose any more time. Instead, you might want to return to the beginning of this article and start with the first two tips – that are learning everything there is about your camera, as well as discovering what places you’ll want to visit and take pictures of during your vacation.