Ever since they first appeared 12 years ago as a special invention, massage guns have proven to be a source of many benefits when it comes to post-workout therapy. It has happened to all of us (and especially to those who take sports more seriously than recreational badminton playing at family gatherings) to feel the consequences of over-ambitious engagement on their own skin. Ventures like these sometimes lead to tears and resolute oaths that this is the last time our foot has stepped into the gym and similar dramatic reactions.

Of course, this type of treatment is effective for more serious injuries and brings excellent results from that side as well, but this time we’ll base our conclusions on its impact on the consequences of somewhat more intense physical activity. This is the reason why it became so popular everywhere, including Australia, and encouraged the creation of companies like, specially dedicated to massage gun production. When you read this text and become aware of this list of benefits that you get by purchasing this device, you’ll surely feel the desire to include it in your inventory even if you aren’t bothered by any pain.

So, let’s not waste time and explain why you need a massage gun and how it contributes to the overall improvement of your post workout condition.

1. It takes the pain away


The first and most basic function of a massage gun. The first symptom that’ll appear after a generous exercise session that even Dwayne Johnson or any other famous athlete would envy you for, is precisely the pain and possible weakness in the muscles. If the very thought of the slightest movement of your arm, leg, back or any other part of your body makes you want to scream, here’s the solution – in the form of this device.

With the assistance of the so-called percussive therapy, the vibration with repetitive movements penetrates your muscles, favorably affects the circulation while treating the extremities and painful places, successfully alleviating the consequences. So at first, when the massage starts, it may seem worse than this, but believe us, it’s just the first feeling – immediately after this activity you’ll feel a significant improvement.

2. It won’t be too harsh for you


As you may have had a chance to see if you’ve researched the types of massage guns and the additional parts that come with them, some of these extensions can seem pretty tough. Moreover, it’ll be difficult for you to even think of leaning something like that against such a sore spot on your body. However, the good thing about this handy thing is that in most cases there are softer, spongy extensions that make this process much more pleasant and bearable. As a result, treating sensitive areas affected by muscle inflammation will be less stressful and you’ll get used to vibrations and movements during the massage faster.

Of course, one should take into account the intensity of the massage and not make it too strong, so as not to create an even worse situation and achieve the opposite effect. What we need is a feeling of moderate discomfort, but not additional pain.

3. It relieves stress


In the moments when our body relaxes and feels better, the same happens with our mind – it becomes calmer and relieves the stress that has accumulated for days. Workout can be a kind of stressful situation, especially if we aren’t used to such a huge intensity of exercise and we realize that only when we’ve already exaggerated and when it’s too late to prevent anything. This can also cause feelings of nervousness, irritability and greatly affect the mood.

The moment the massage gun does its job, more precisely, while we feel how it treats all those critical areas and how the tension in the muscles disappears, the accumulated stress will also disappear. An even better thing is that you can use it even when you don’t have any problems of this kind – just for relaxation purposes, and it’ll have the same effect!

4. It can treat any part of the body that is affected


Pain or injuries can occur on any part of the body, depending on which ones are most exposed to the possible negative impact and which you pay special attention to during physical activities. The construction of these is such that, thanks to the appropriately shaped extensions, it can reach all the places where you want to use it.

True, you may need the help of another person in some situations when you can’t reach the area in question by yourself, but that doesn’t disprove the fact that an impossible mission (read: body part) for this little miracle device doesn’t exist. Shoulders, back, calves, and even feet – decide for yourself where you need it most.

5. It makes nervous system more active


We all know that the nervous system is connected to all parts of our body, including muscles. Whatever they do, no matter how they move and under whatever influence they are, be sure that this micro-information reaches your brain and nervous system.

The use of massage guns actually leads to a certain activity that’s transmitted in the same way and stimulates the receptors that are responsible for certain operations, making sure that at the same time tension and discomfort slowly become a thing of the past thanks to this process.

6. It indirectly prevents other diseases and health problems


True, it seems that this type of therapy has its application only in the field of physical mobility and treatment of the consequences of excessively intense training, but that isn’t all it can do. Did you know that thanks to better circulation encouraged by massage guns anemia can disappear, if you have it? That’s right – and if you don’t have it, you’re less likely to suffer from it in future.

In addition, sleep disorders are becoming an ugly past after this, since the effects of relaxation that you apply this way also help with the presence of this type of problem. It relieves cramps, it’s an excellent weapon in the fight against depression and anxiety due to its calming effect, and has a beneficial effect on immunity and overall well-being.