Having all the right kitchen appliances is truly a great thing, but unfortunately, that’s not what makes you a professional cook. All the modern gadgets and cooking items are helpful, but you need to use your creativity as well if you want your meals to be outstanding and your work in the kitchen easy and enjoyable.

Everybody wants to eat the perfect meals, but does everyone want to spend the time making them? It’s not a secret that cooking a tasty, nutritious meal can sometimes take even a couple of hours, and eating it takes less than ten minutes. As you can see, this activity by itself can be pretty time-consuming and not so rewarding, unless you use these seven tricks in the kitchen.

Today we’ll give you some very cool tips that you utilize and instantly become a better cook, so let’s not waste any time and jump straight into the content. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Boil eggs in a coffee maker


Who said that you have to cook eggs in an old-fashioned way? If you ever feel like you cannot watch over them or you’re just bored of doing it using the same method all the time, try using your coffee maker instead. There’s no real reason why you should be doing this other than the fact that it’s very helpful when you are in a hotel that’s not well-equipped with kitchen appliances. Also, you can cook some types of vegetables in your coffee maker as well, and one of the best examples are broccoli, a food that’s very important in your diet.

2. Grill cheese on a toaster


If you want to eat grilled cheese and you’re not sure how to do it yourself, don’t reach for that phone immediately because there are other options as well besides ordering. One of the easiest ways to make this is by using your toaster. We know, it’s a bit “strange”, but it’s possible and it doesn’t take much practice as well. Other similar ideas can be found at Trendlor. Once you see a couple of them, you’ll probably say, “oh, how didn’t I think of this earlier” to yourself. You can probably make a lot more thinks than you think you can in your own home, so save some money instead of ordering.

3. Heat lemons in the microwave for more juice


Did you know that you can heat lemons, and a few other fruits in a microwave before squeezing them? If the answer is yes, then we have another question for you. Did you know that you get a lot more juice out of them by doing this? It’s true! The next time you’re making lemonade or any other type of healthy drink, try this little trick. You’ll see that the fruits will yield more juice.

4. Use egg slicer for strawberries


We use egg slicers for slicing eggs, which is a very obvious and a normal thing to do. But does this mean that we cannot use this little kitchen appliance for other things as well? Not. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to symmetrically slice strawberries or any other type of fruit that’s not very large, try the egg slicer. You’ll find this very useful, especially if you’re slicing fruit quite often. Besides, you can cut so many of these before you need to clean up the thing, and cleaning it is very easy as well. Make sure not to put sturdy and hard fruits because you can damage your egg-slicer.

5. Pre-warm your plates in a toaster oven


Usually, our plates are cold, and once we put our warm food on them, it gets cold as well. However, some meals are meant to be eaten warm, and if they somehow get colder, they’re not as tasty anymore. Thankfully, you can use your toaster oven or even a microwave (be careful) to heat your plates before you put your food into them. Not every type of plate can be heated up in a microwave, so be careful not to cause any damage to your kitchen when doing this.

6. Cook food in your dishwasher


Your dishwasher is used for washing dishes, but that doesn’t mean you cannot use it for multiple things at once as well. At the end of the washing process, the dishwasher has a drying phase, which makes the insides of the machine very warm. If you put some veggies for example in a jar and close it real well, you can get that jar back cleaned out from the outside, and with the veggies cooked inside of it. It’s not a very practical thing to do, but if you ever feel like you want to eat some lightly-cooked veggies and the capacity of your machine is not full, feel free to try this out.

7. Prepare your oatmeal in a Rice Cooker


Last but not least, although this is not the most time-efficient method, you can still use it to “gain” time in another way. You won’t have to steer or watch your oatmeal like you usually have to do, which means that you can cook other things in the meanwhile or do your workout until it’s done. Preparing your oatmeal in your rice cooker will take about three times longer than usual, but as we said above, you will be free to focus on other things. Use this time to do a quick cardio workout and burn some calories before you eat. Besides, your meals always taste better when you’re a bit tired and your appetite suddenly spikes up.


As you can see, being creative in the kitchen automatically makes you more effective, and with the time you’ll also feel that you love the process of cooking even more. Your kitchen appliances have the main use that they’re built for, but that doesn’t mean you cannot do some thinking outside of the box and use them differently. We found these seven tips very practical so we wanted to share them with our readers. Hopefully, they’ll help you achieve your goals a lot easier now.