Whoever opted for this type of floor knows that there is nothing like this model. When we say that, we mean the excellent characteristics that make it one of the most popular materials when it comes to flooring. With this choice, you can achieve more things at once.

While on the one hand, you get a very safe platform on which, for example, children can play, on the other hand, you get exceptional aesthetic value. As we have already mentioned, today it is very represented and represents a feature of urban life. Composite decking is a combination of new and recycled plastic. This combination makes it very resistant when it comes to rot, but also other external influences.

When taking this step, most people are well informed before choosing an expert in this field. Only in that case, you can get excellent quality and thus use the maximum when it comes to this material. In any other case of unprofessionalism, you risk ending up with a bad setting such as too much space between, etc.

However, if it is well placed and maintained properly, you get a very grateful floor that, in addition to the perfect look, provides exceptional comfort. If you didn’t know the proper way to maintain your composite decking, read some of our tips to help you do just that.

1. Water cleaning


Although this material is very resistant when it comes to the consequences of walking on it, dust and the like, one should pay attention to one very important item. Avoid soaking with water, because there is still sensitivity when it comes to excessive wetting with water. In the worst case, exposure to moisture can lead to rot.

Our advice is to keep in contact with water to a minimum so that you can be completely sure that everything will be okay with this material. In any case, you can use water when cleaning, but as we have already said, make sure that the surface dries quickly. A humid environment is ideal for the development of mold and mildew, so keep your floor dry for as long as possible.

The easiest way to clean is a combination of water, soap, detergent or some other liquid that removes dirt. You can even clean the floor by brushing with a plastic brush or washing with pressurized water. Make sure that the direction of washing is directed through the board so that it goes in the direction of the natural position, and not inside the ladder. This way you achieve a natural look of the trees.

In order for the floor to retain its original shine, it is recommended to coat it with oil once or twice a year, depending on the exposure to atmospheric conditions.

2. Watch out for gutters


Do not allow water to stay on it for a long time. The most common problems come from gutters. In that case, due to a large downpour, water flows from the roof to the composite decking. As we stated in the previous part of the text, this is very bad for your floor because it is an excellent condition for the development of mold, which leads to the permanent destruction of the floor material.

Organize your space by redirecting the drainage elsewhere and keeping the material as dry as possible. If you don’t, composite decking will rot and lose its color, giving it such a beautiful look. At you can see the different colors that are available.

3. Circulation of air under it


This is one of the very important things when it comes to maintaining this material, that is, when it comes to its longevity. Despite their beauty and quality, it cannot stay that way for a long time if they are not subjected to ideal conditions that provide them with safety from harmful influences.

Proper airflow under it is the best friend of this material. With the correct construction of the floor, you get its natural drying, thus preventing the appearance of moisture and generally faster drying due to any wetting. The ideal ratio is approximately 7 inches of flow that would be below the floor structure.

4. Use woven material


Woven rugs are on the one hand a very nice thing when it comes to decorating a space, and on the other hand practical. Just like this floor. However, avoid those classic rugs that are made of rubber material because they can collect a lot of water and make it very damp all the time. As a replacement for such mats, use exclusively knitted material.

5. Air conditioners


This is one extremely useful thing. However, it is necessary to redirect this machine if all the heat goes directly to your floor. Since the composite floor is mostly laid on the terrace, this is a very common situation. In case of heating, the floor material may rise, as well as the possibility of deterioration.

6. Regular cleaning


In the previous part of the text, we described to you what is stated under cleaning, and now we remind you how important it is to do it regularly and correctly. Apart from the fact that it will look nicer, be cleaner, proper cleaning also gets rid of the remnants of decay or stains, so it is also a form of prevention.

However, cleaning does not only mean rinsing with water and certain liquids, but also removing various garbage that happens in that place. A lot of dirt can accumulate in those hard-to-reach places, but even then you have to make an effort to repair it in time. Think of it as maintaining your teeth, the more thoroughly you clean the residue, the less problems you will have later or not at all.


As we mentioned earlier, composite decking is a phenomenal way to make your space beautiful and practical at the same time. Think of this as a long-term investment that will surely pay off, but only if you stick to the above items.

Of course, when maintaining, pay special attention to certain things that are not visible at first glance. Decay due to improper maintenance can take place on several levels, so over time, some things that are not noticeable immediately become as visible over time.