Sustaining an injury is a thing that can happen to anyone. What you need to do if that happens is chose a right medical professional to assess the injury. A great doctor could be the deciding factor if you are in a personal injury case. Before you decide on a particular doctor to examine you, it should be worth noting that his assessment of the situation will probably be critical factor in the outcome of a potential lawsuit, because after all, you need a fair compensation for sustained injuries and medical bills.

First off all, like we’ve mentioned, you would need to decide on a medical professional, doctor or a physician, that can competently testify on your behalf about the sustained trauma. It’s important to choose a well-respected individual, the one with a lot of credibility in the field he works in. Choosing an acupuncturist would probably have less weight in terms of actually valuing someone’s opinion and diagnose etc.


Doctor you eventually decide on should be able to access your medical records. Why is that important? Well, it is important to know your medical history in order to compare and understand the effect of a sustained injury.

Every one of us is different. Some heal faster, some slower. Some have pre-existing conditions that may be worsened by a newly sustained trauma and so on. Your injuries should be completely understood and explained in order for you to be adequately compensated. On top of all that, you need a medical professional to explain why you actually need as much compensation as you ask for, by making sure everyone comprehends the amount of pain and trauma you’ve suffered.

Let’s rewind a little bit. In case of injury, it is paramount that you seek medical attention right away. If that is not the case, it may come as a bit of a problem later on. Essentially, it will be very hard to convince a jury that your accident is the cause of your injuries if you hadn’t been medically tended to right away. In general, the window of opportunity you have to assess your injuries is about 3 days. No more than that. With all that being said, if possible, you should visit the doctor’s office within the first few hours after the incident. That way, your accident will be perceived more serious and the injuries sustained will have to be considered directly related to the accident. What happens if you wait? Well, if you wait too long to be examined or receive treatment, you are destroying your chances of looking credible in court.


Basically, what will happen is, you will leave out a window of opportunity for the ‘defendant’ to claim that your injuries were sustained earlier or that you’re exaggerating or even lying. That’s why we’ve mentioned before that your medical records are very important in order to distinguish the difference from how you were pre and post-accident.

Doctor will file a note stating which injuries are sustained and what the treatment should be. That way, you leave no place for the defence to try and refute your evidence. As far as doctors notes go, here’s the deal. Check out – you may use to get a day off from work so you can relax a bit, we’re talking about real examination and diagnose of your condition.

After your injuries have been duly noted and you’ve received initial treatment, it’s time for the next step. Depending on the severity of your injury, you will have to go through rehabilitation, regular check-ups and so on. It’s critical that you follow through on all of your doctor’s orders. If you don’t, we’re back to square one where you allow for arguments about the seriousness of your injuries. Because, let’s face it, if you claim that the sustained trauma has affected your life in a great manner and you’re seeking compensation and so on, but you are ignoring your rehab and follow-ups at your physician, that really doesn’t look good.


A part of the money you stand to receive is to cover your treatment expenses, but if you’re not receiving one, chances are you won’t be receiving the money either. So be smart, follow your doctor’s orders.  Follow up appointments are a vital part of the whole thing. During follow-ups, your physician will note any changes in your state – your recovery progress, changes in treatment and ultimate prognosis. As we’ve said, you’re claiming compensation for medical costs, so there are absolutely detrimental. Keep in mind, as you are undergoing treatment, the doctor will keep track of your progress and will give his final prognosis. This could range from complete recovery to a long-term disability, all of which will affect the outcome of your trial.

Another important role of your doctor in this whole process, aside from providing notes, is his testimony. After all, you’re trying to prove in court that your records are solid and you deserve to be compensated. It can get tricky around here. Since these are pretty common cases, there are some doctors that are considered affiliated with law firms as a medical professional or examiner. Those testimonies tend to be perceived differently because it seems that they are essentially hired to corroborate or verify a story. Therefore, it’s important to have a well-respected, independent doctor whose professional opinion cannot be refuted or doubted.


Another thing we’ve mentioned is the issue of non-medical professionals. It is entirely possible for you to need a treatment outside of lines of traditional Western medicine. However, it is best not to seek their help on you own, instead, talk to you physician directly, and see if you can get a written referral, since it would be easier to justify this move in court this way.

Last but not least, it is essential that the professional relationship between you and your doctor be absolutely transparent. This means that you should by no means hide anything from your doctor, health wise. If you have any pre-existing conditions, related or not to the injury, they must be disclosed for your own good. It will help the doctor accurately diagnose you and provide you with the best care possible.

If you ever find yourself in this kind of situation, hopefully this article will help you make out the best of it.