A common marketing strategy is “Looking beautiful is more important than being beautiful.” People prefer to see something visually appealing than something simple. The design of the website is a vital part of a business. One of the world’s leading web design agencies is AIAD, so check there services. Many business companies hire professional companies like ZedPro to design an SEO optimize the website for them. An SEO optimized website has a higher ranking in Google, which helps business opportunities.

Many people want to know why good web design is important. Let us look into a few reasons behind the importance of good web design.

The reasons are as follows:

1. Helps SEO strategy


Veteran web designers employ a few techniques so that the website is SEO optimized. It offers greater visibility to customers. A website that is not SEO optimized ranks lower on Google. Hence, the business prospects of the company are lowered. The code needs to be SEO-friendly. The companies should tie-up with an SEO agency that hires dedicated professionals.
Building trust: Visibility builds trust with the audience.

Common human psychology says that we trust what we can see. The target audience will not charge an ill-designed site,  which is challenging to operate. The site should be securely encrypted. People should not have any difficulty in making payments or searching for the products they need. Also, the longer time a visitor spends on the site, the higher the ranking becomes. The customers need to trust the website because they share their payment details with it to make a purchase. The design of the website should instil confidence in the customer that they will not be victims of data theft.

2. Competition


Almost all the top-ranking companies are getting a professionally designed website. So, if any particular company doesn’t pay attention to the design of their website, they will lag in competition. An obsolete and ill-designed website will result in the company lagging behind its competitors. It will also suffer from loss of leads.

3. Impression-Setting


Any company thrives in a lively first impression setting. A well-designed website creates a positive first impression on the customers. A well-known proverb says “The first impression is the last impression.” So, the website should be so well designed that it creates a positive first impression on the target audience.  If the target audience finds a website easy to operate, and well-designed, they will refer to other customers. Hence, we may say that a well-designed website contributes to more customers.

4. Brand representation


A professional website represents a brand. So, a well-designed website will ensure that it creates a positive impression of the brand. An ill-designed website taints the image of the brand. In case a website is challenging to navigate, or the security options are not good enough, the customers will assume the brand deliberately wants to compromise on their data security. As a result, the brand will lose customers instantly, to its rival companies.

5. Provides complimentary customer service


A well-designed website provides positive customer experience. Just like a customer care agent caters to the needs of the customer, a well-designed website also does the same work.  It should be easy to navigate. All the information should be tracked easily. Also, it should be as reliable as a customer service executive. All the information should be securely encrypted so that there are no chances of data theft. A slow and obsolete website gives out the impression that the brand is indifferent towards its customer base. So, the customers are also reluctant to do transactions with the brand.

6. Consistent


A well-designed web site creates consistency throughout the page. The web designers need to maintain the same font, the same layout, and a similar style across all the pages. A different layout and design on every page portray an extremely unprofessional appearance. So, brand recognition becomes a challenge, and brand value goes in for a toss.

7. Responsive website design


The website should be so well designed that it should be accessible across devices. Many customers check out new releases of the brand in tablets or mobiles. If the website is not compatible with mobile or tablets, it loses some reliable or interested customers. The responsive design also makes sure that the website adapts to all the devices. It should be able to adjust its size and method according to it. This way, it ensures that the customers, as well as casual visitors, have a positive customer experience.

A responsive site has the potential to convert a casual visitor into a reliable customer. So, it is in the best interest of a site to develop a responsive site design. The more responsive the web design is, the longer the visitors will spend in it. The brand owners must ensure the presence of responsive web design if they want to be associated with a good brand.  It should provide a different type of mobile experience. Customers and casual visitors should be able to browse through the site smoothly on their smartphone and tablet.

8. Meaningful


A well-designed site should be significant. It should be meaningful to the customers. They should understand what message the brand is trying to convey through the site. Also, we find it easier to track our belongings if they are kept in different compartments.

Similarly, a well-designed site displays data in specific boxes. If the site is not well-designed, the information will be scattered. The customers will automatically lose interest if they have to search cluelessly for some product or about the different modes of payment.

9. Design sells


Statistics reveal that a well-designed site significantly improves sales. A brand that has an attractively designed site has an advantage over other brands. Reputation spreads like wildfire. So, a well-designed site is likely to attract more customers, thanks to word-of-mouth.

10. USP


The site is known as well-designed if it highlights the USP of the brand. The customers should be able to make out the USP of the brand as soon as they open the webpage.


The 21st century is no doubt technology-driven. Hence, online marketing is one of the main trends of business in this century. A well-designed site is the most crucial tool for online marketing nowadays.