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Ubuntu System Requirements in 2020

Ubuntu is a Linux operating system that is Debian-based and is for the most part a free and open-source software. You can find it...

Best Ubuntu Laptops in India in 2020

Not all people are blindly reliant on Windows and macOS operating systems for their laptops. Those who are willing to open their horizons, going...

Fedora vs Ubuntu – Which One To Choose in 2020

Even though it might seem that Microsoft Windows and Mac OS are the best operating systems out there, it should be clear that this...

5 Best Ubuntu Compatible Laptops in 2020

Linux is one of the most popular computer operating systems at the moment. While it may not be at the top of the list...

Ubuntu vs CentOS – Battle for Server Emperor in 2020

No doubt, Linux distributions are the supreme rulers of the world of server operating systems. We can add that Microsoft Server also plays a...