When you ask a dozen people what their least favorite chore is, at least ten of them will reply that they hate doing the laundry. This time-consuming task is hated by many, and we all dread the day when we have to fill up the washing machine, or even worse when we need to go to the laundromat and wash our clothes there. It is said that on average, people spend 4 hours per week doing this dreaded task, and that accumulates to more than one month per year! You lose more than 30 days every year washing clothes, folding them, and ironing them. Imagine what you could do with that spare time!

To help you out and to save you a lot of time, nerves, and trouble, we created this article! Here we are going to list some of the benefits of using a weekly laundry pickup and delivery service and how that will help you lead a better, cleaner, and safer life. Continue reading if you want to learn how to persuade your spouse, roommates, or family members that you need to forget about the washing machine or the laundromat.

1. You will forget about clothes getting accidentally dyed

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We have all been there – accidentally putting a red sock with the batch of white clothes. And you suddenly end up with all these pieces that have the light red hue. The worst thing is, they are never dyed equally, and some parts of your favorite white dress shirt will be brighter red, and the other will have that pinkish hue. The moment you open up the washing machine and you see that everything you’ve put there is a different color is terrible. The feeling of fear and panic combined with anger is something we’ve all felt and we’ve wished to turn back time.

The first benefit of laundry services is that they will make sure everything stays the same color. If you have some pieces that have lost their shine if the white shirts are not too white, and if the black pants look grayish now, the professionals will restore the fabric and they will make the old clothes seem like you’ve just bought them from the store.

2. You will save time

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We mentioned this before, but we have to say it again! When you choose a professional service, you will save a lot of time, and you will make sure that everything is done safely and correctly. You will be able to do something else with those 15+ hours per week and you will feel happier and more fulfilled.

Almost every person on the planet has complained that they have nothing to wear, but when the time comes for us to wash, dry, fold, and iron all of those clothes “we don’t have”, we realize that we have too many things! Now, you don’t have to worry about the season changing, and you can rely on the professionals to do things instead of you.

3. You will save money

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Do you know how much money you spend per month in the laundromat? Do you know how much you spend on electricity bills and water per year for the washer and dryer you have in your home? How much does the detergent cost and how often do you need to buy it? Remember that there are separate detergents for black clothes, for white and for colorful fabric? Do you know that one family can spend at least one fabric softener per month? When you calculate all of these costs, you will realize that spending a few bucks on a service will do you a favor. You will be able to s, that you can freely buy that little black dress that costs more than you are willing to spend right now.

Did you know that depending on the batch, you can pay less? According to laundryangels.com, when it comes to NJ Laundry Services Laundry pickup and delivery NJ, you will pay less than $1.50 for the first 20 pounds of laundry! This is as low as it gets, and you can bring your whole wardrobe and spend less than $10 on the cleaning service.

4. You will forget about wrinkles

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Have you ever forgotten the iron on the shirt? How many times have you forgotten to clean the iron and ended up with dark strikes all over the freshly washed blouse? It is said that most people have issues with ironing their dress shirts, and because of that, they tend not to buy them.

When we need to wash this piece of clothing, we would rather take it to the dry cleaner than to take care of it on our own. Well, the dry cleaning can cost you up to hundreds of bucks for just a few pieces, and it is always better to choose a laundry pickup and delivery service that will not only take care of all the stains, but they will iron the clothes and they will bring everything to your doorstep.

When you rely on the professionals to help you, you will always smell and look nice and clean. Now, you won’t have to wonder which products will help you get rid of that nasty stain, and you will never again burn your favorite pants or blouse. You won’t have to risk damaging the fabric by using the wrong temperature, or shrinking them just because you’ve chosen the wrong washing program.

There are dozens of different benefits to these services, and the main one is – you will not have to do it. Forget about spending hours every month for this dreadful task, and focus on the more important thing. When you combine the fact that everything will be nice and clean, with the fact that you won’t have to leave your doorstep to get this thing done, it is the recipe for success. Most of these services will deliver your clothes back in less than a day, so you will never have to worry about not having the dress ready for the party, or missing out on a big night just because you’ve shrunk your favorite pants.