The 21st century is a golden period for the business world. An average person now has dozens of opportunities to start a business online. Despite that, advertising your products and services has never been easier. You can do that through social media, blogs, videos, etc. However, there is one thing you mustn’t forget. All these marketing channels are available to every business owner. Not using them could cost you a lot because all competitors will be a step ahead of you. On the other hand, using them regularly can’t guarantee success. That is the reason why you need to get out of the box and use every opportunity you have. 

Sticker marketing is one type of advertising that is becoming more and more popular. We don’t want to say that they were ignored for a longer period. However, even the most successful brands in the world are now using them actively. 

There probably is a good reason why successful businesses applied them to their marketing plan. Because of that, we would want to highlight the reasons why businesses should use sticker marketing. Be sure you will get a set of advantages that will positively influence your business

1. Allows Business to Be More Creative


Marketing and creativity are two connected things in different ways. It doesn’t truly matter how much money you will invest in marketing campaigns. If they are not engaging and interesting to your target audience, your investment will be bad. Fortunately, stickers allow entrepreneurs to show how creative they truly are. 

How you will design your stickers depends only on you. You can choose to customize them in different aspects like design, shape, color, etc. However, we do not suggest you experiment with things a lot. The design you choose must be somehow connected with your business. As we said, it needs to be engaging and attractive to your target audience. Accomplishing that goal will only be possible if you carefully analyze the expectations of your customers. 

Being creative is not as easy as you might think. At first glance, you will have dozens of ideas. However, people usually end up struggling to find the perfect one. That might be a good reason why you should ask for assistance. You may want to check and see which services they offer. Collaborating with professionals will always positively influence your sticker marketing. 

2. It Will Help You Save Money


This part is extremely important for beginners that struggle with a lack of money. People usually do not want to start a business because of that. Even if they do, they often look for ways to make investments but save money at the same moment. Fortunately, sticker marketing can ensure you an opportunity like that. 

Compared to many other strategies, stickers are affordable. The good news is that they also bring good results to businesses. That makes them a cost-effective solution for everyone who wants to promote his business. You will not have to spend a lot of money to design them and share them with customers. 

3. Stickers Come as a Gift


Promoting your business aggressively is usually not a good approach. People are tired of watching commercials that try to convince them to purchase a product. Instead, your approach should be gentle and indirect. That is another moment when stickers can help you boost your revenue. 

Stickers are some sort of gift for all of your clients. Keep in mind that all the people around the world like free merchandise. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your sticker will be useful for him/her. However, that person can potentially find another one that will consider your sticker useful. 

When you look closer, this is a type of “word-to-mouth” marketing in some strange way. People will start talking about you and suggesting your business even without trying out your products. Logically, that doesn’t guarantee that a person who receives your sticker will become the most loyal fan. That depends on you and your product. 

To conclude, your stickers will not look like a marketing tool at first glance. People will consider them as a gift that they would gladly share with others. For example, let’s imagine that you already have a most loyal client. Because of that, you will want to give him a sticker. However, that client will consider that as a reward. On the other hand, if he places the sticker on his laptop, you will get a new method of promotion. Everyone who sees the person’s laptop will ask about your company. As we said, indirect marketing always pays off in the end. 

4. Boost the Effectiveness of Other Marketing Channels


As we said, social media marketing truly brings the best results to businesses. The same counts when we talk about email marketing. However, running a paid ad campaign on social media can cost you a lot. It might be more affordable than promotion on TV, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to invest a lot. On the other hand, collecting emails from customers is not an easy task. You need to make a good sales funnel on your website to achieve your goal. 

Fortunately, stickers can help in that case as well. For instance, you can choose to add a website, email address, or social media link on the sticker. In that way, people will get the chance to check who you are. Keep in mind that stickers will not contain a lot of content. Because of that, it should serve as a guideline for some other marketing channels. Using the method we mentioned will surely bring new visitors and followers. 

5. Easy Sharing


You don’t have to make additional plans when sharing stickers. You have the opportunity to place them wherever you want. First, you should start by sharing them around the neighborhood. For instance, you can place them on sidewalks, windows, refrigerators, etc. Your primary target audience should be people that live near your working place. 

Of course, there is one thing that we would like to highlight. Do that only if you have permission to place the stickers. If that’s the case, use those places that have enough space to fit your sticker.