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Watch Star Wars in a Bash Shell!!

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Occasionally we usually happen to chance upon fun and silly things to do with the Bash shell. This time we happened to come across a neat little trick which caught our fancy immediately. Want to watch Star Wars in your terminal? You should try this out just for fun even if you are no Star Wars fan. The force is strong with this one.

Can the Ubuntu Phone succeed in making an impact in the smartphone market?

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Canonical had recently revealed the Ubuntu Phone OS. They have also promised that they will be shipping Ubuntu Phones by the end of this year. Although we are eagerly awaiting the release of Ubuntu phones, the question on our mind and we are pretty sure on everyone elses mind is will it succeed? Can it make an impact? With the smartphone market dominated by giants like Apple and Google, does Ubuntu even stand a chance of gaining a footing in the smartphone jungle?

The FSF supports the GNU Mediagoblin project- Support the future of the Internet

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Seeing the influx of non free software to run the many services on the web, FSF member Chris Webber created a community team to write a next-generation social web system which runs purely on free software has lead to the birth of the GNU Mediagoblin project. The project has the potential to preserve your freedom on the Internet and the FSF has jumped in with a campaign to support it.

Get a dictionary on your console using SDCV

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We all end up looking for a dictionary every now and then. Online dictionaries and Wikipedia are great tools, but we are not always connected to the web. Moreover most Linux power users would rather prefer the terminal over anything else . sdcv is a console version of StarDict dictionary. Using sdcv you can search for definitions while still offline. This app comes pre installed in many Linux distributions. If not, then dont worry. We will help you in installing the same.

DNS Changer Trojan prompts the US Goverment to shutdown the Internet.

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A trojan named DNS Changer that resets the DNS Servers in a PC has prompted the US Goverment to temporarily shutdown the Internet to give time for web users in the US to remove the Trojan manually. Although a Trojan infecting a computer network is not new, its the first time in history that a Government is shutting down the web to remove one. This will affect some 3 million users in the US and more in the rest of the globe. All this means that now a Trojan is a serious business and the stakes are only going to get higher. 

0 A.D. is now the Sourceforge project of the month.

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Wildfire games, creators of the FOSS epic war game 0 A.D. recently announced that their awesome work had just been selected as the top project on Sourceforge beating formidable competitors like Newscoop, a FOSS based CMS. This victory nearly coincided with the 10th alpha release of the game on May 16 2012.

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS "Precise Pangolin" Beta 2 out!!!

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The Ubuntu team has announced the final beta release of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Desktop, Server, Cloud, and Core products. It is codenamed “Precise Pangolin” and integrates the latest open source technologies into a high quality Linux distro. Learn more about the latest beta release.

Linaro 12.03 released...

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Linaro 12.03 consists of components delivered by all Linaro Teams like the Working Groups, Landing Teams and Platform Teams. It ropes in a host of updates and new features which are integrated on top of Android and Ubuntu. This is aimed to be the future of Linux on ARM. Learn more about Linaro 12.03..

GNOME 3.4 now available for download....

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GNOME 3.4 is now available. This release has several new features, major updates to a host of GNOME applications, and a lot of minor fixes and refinements. Learn more about GNOME 3.4...

DoudouLinux 2012-03 released...

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DoudouLinux, the Debian-based distro that targets young children has released its latest version. It aims to make computer use as simple and easy for children as possible. Learn more...